Things to bring to an auction and how to get your new purchase home.

Here is a list of things that would be very helpfull for your arcade experience. This is not a complete list, nor do you necessarily need everything on this list. It is just to quickly get you up and running.

1. Money
2. a vehicle capable of safely transporting games
3. Driving directions to auction location
4. Flashlight
5. Tools (phillips & spade screwdrivers, socket set, pliers, etc.)
6. Tape measure
7. Calculator
8. Pen
9. Clipboard (For notes about games and recording the auction Prices)
10. Paper
11. List of games indicating which are JAMMA
12. Fine point permanent marker
13. Tarps
14. Hand Truck and or Dolly and ratchet straps
15. Moving blankets
16. Duct tape
17. Long rope
18. Tie downs/Bungee cords
19. Cell Phone
20. Camera

The following is from This is a wonderfully helpful, especially to someone that has little or no auction experience.

Getting Games Home
From BYOACWiki

How do I get my games home?
Besides money, the most important (and often neglected) item to bring to the auction is proper transportation for hauling your purchased items. Make sure you have a vehicle which can handle the items you are planning on buying. Always try to account for more room than you think you really need; not only for a safety margin, but also for those unexpected deals that pop up. Be sure to bring a tape measure and make sure you measure your vehicle’s dimensions. You don’t want to purchase a game only to find out later that it won’t fit in your vehicle. Games usually have to be out of the place by a certain time the same day, and then you’ll be stuck. Be sure to check out every game you are interested in purchasing during the preview period (see below for more info on preview periods). Try to attend with at least one other person so that they can help you move your purchased items. The items may be big and difficult for one person to move. Bring a dolly, and make sure it’s strong enough to handle the weight of the machines.

BTW, If you are renting a vehicle (Uhaul, Ryder, etc.), be sure to check out cost and conditions for milage, out-of-state transport, one-way use, and those sorts of things.

Can the auction company deliver my games to my home?
At many auctions, some operators will offer to transport games in the general vicinity of the auction for a fee. The auction company often makes an announcement before the start of the auction to notify people of anyone offering this service. If you decide to go this route, be sure to get all details ahead of time (cost, insurance, what if they break an item, etc.). The auction company has no part to play in this; they just announce the names of those offering this service. Use at your own risk.

Removal of your purchased games
Bring items to secure any games in your vehicle (rope, tie downs, etc.). If your vehicle is uncovered, bring enough tarps to protect your games from the weather. Make sure the items are loaded and secured so that they will not move at all during transport. Otherwise they will get banged up or broken when you accelerate and brake the vehicle.

SAFETY – This stuff is heavy and they are generally awkwardly weighted. You do not want to hurt your self or others because the game movement gets out of control. If you feel that you can not get the game moved by your self, GET HELP. Blowing out your back is not a good exchange for having a game at your home. Use your brain and do not do anything stupid. If you are stupid, use someone elses brain.

Videogames are top-heavy and tip easily. They are also sometimes (actually most of the time) very heavy. A hand truck is a great thing to use. Protect your game though. Place a packing blanket around your game. Ise a ratchet strap to strap the game to the hand truck. Then move the game. If you are moving one with a flat dolly, be sure to keep it level unless you have someone holding it upright. Stressing the point again: VIDEOGAMES TIP EASILY! Getting it into your vehicle is another place you really need to watch what you are doing. You do not want to scratch or break you new toy. When loading videogames and pinball machines on an uncovered vehicle, be sure to not face the front of the machines forward. The pressure of the wind when moving at highway speeds may break the glass.

Pinball Machines
Pinball machines are difficult to move. You most likely will not be able to use a dolly with them. If you’re lucky, you may be able to borrow a pinball machine mover; otherwise, you’ll end up carrying it to your vehicle, and they are HEAVY! When transporting a pinball machine, it’s probably best to not remove the backglass (the glass with the artwork which faces you and has the scores) or topglass (the glass covering the playfield). It’s too easy to drop them. If you do remove, avoid placing them flat on a hard surface; stand them up. If they do break, they usually shatter into a million pieces. Backglasses can be extremely difficult to replace as parts are hard to find, no longer being made, or are repro which are also expensive. If the back of the machine folds down onto the body of the pinball machine, place cardboard or a blanket within the fold to keep the parts from touching, and to cushion them.

Dart Machines
Most dart machines can be separated into two pieces (top and bottom). Check for this. If you end up disassembling a dart machine, be very careful when doing this as the top can easily tip off and crash to the floor. Also note all connections so it will be easier to reconnect later.


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