March 20th Partial Auction List

Saturday March 20th 2010 at 11:00am

Doors open at 9:00am

150+ Coin Op Arcade Games, Pinball Machines Bulk Vending Machines & More

Absentee Proxy Bids Accepted

Packaging and Interstate Shipping available.

Updated list below!!

Call for details:

Captain’s Auction Warehouse

4421 East La Palma Ave. Anaheim, Ca. 92807


Our warehouse is now OPEN! Monday thru Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

List updated 2/26/10:

Revenge from Mars Pinball, Little Chief Pinball, Neptune Pinball, Off Road Three player Track Pak,Off Road two player, Ridge Racer V twin Driver, Dynamo Hot Flash Air Hockey, Global Pool Table, Mortal Kombat II, Martial Champion, Dynamo Foosball Table, Gauntlet Dark Legacy, Golden Tee 2005,Shuffle Shot, League Bowling, Going Rolling Ticket Redemption, Wheel m’ In Ticket Redemption, Skee Ball, Skee Ball, Hoop It Up, Blitz 2000 Gold 39″,Target Terror Gold 39″,Blitz 2000 Gold 25″,Hungry Dragon Redemption, Skittleball Redemption, Medal Master Andamiro, Treasure Chest Plush Crane, Hot Stuff Plush Crane, Beatmania 4th Mix, NSM CD Jukebox, Wall Mount Jukebox CD, Wall Mount Jukebox CD,MS. Pacman/Galaga Combo Namco Reunion, Pacman cocktail table Game, Defender Original ,TRON Bally Disney upright, Space Duel Atari, Tempest Atari, Centipede Atari, Star Wars Atari 1981,Solar Quest, Star Castle, Hook Pinball, Fathom Pinball, Devil’s Dare Pinball ,Alien Poker Pinball, Star Wars Episode 1 Pinball, Embryon Pinball, Vintage Steam Shovel Crane, Metal Slug, NEO GEO 2 Slot, Terminator Arcade Multi Head Sticker Vend, Roadrunner Gumball, Northwestern Combo Racks, Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift upright x2, Dance Dance Revolution Complete Mix, Beachhead 2000, Konami Emergency Ambulance, Sega Daytona2 Twin, Off Road Thunder 33”, Hydro Thunder, Police Trainer, Initial D 3 twin driver, Crisis Zone, Line It Up Self Redemption, ELVIS PINBALL Stern, SOPRANOS Pinball Stern, Ninja Assault 39”, Extreme Hunting 39” Deluxe, Time Crisis2 Single, Gravity Hill, Marvel vs. Capcom Q-Sound cabinet and more Pinball and Arcade Games!!!!! Totaling over 100 + coin operated pieces of equipment… Don’t Miss Out!!!!!

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