October 8th Auction Preview

This is only half of the auction..to see the full auction go to bidspotter.com.


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3 responses to “October 8th Auction Preview

  1. captainsauction

    We are always listed in the consumer events page of BidSpotter. They have always had an image catalog of the games available. No video……Thanks for tuning in and your comments.

  2. AC3

    To the captains in charge…Do all these games usually get replaced by the time the next auction goes on? Im just curious to the amount of flow to see if i need to start taking it seriously if i see a game i must have………….a concerned window shopper.

    • captainsauction

      To the concerned window shopper…..Yes the vast majority of games at the auction are sold. There is a large volume of games in the market. Big turnover in titles and types of games. I invite you to shop with us when you are ready. If you see a game you must have…it could be the last one you see depending what it is.