Buyers / Sellers Terms

Captain’s Auction Warehouse

Hello and welcome to The Captain’s Blog. This Page is going to be used to help those that are interested, get a better idea of how our consignment auctions work and what we are going to have at our upcoming auctions before they actually happen. Thus cutting out the “guess” factor and giving the bidders a better understanding of our current auction style and a clear idea of what we are going to have to offer on auction day.

Consignments are items brought to our location by various Companies, Independent Operators and Individual item owners to be sold at our Auction Warehouse. Currently we specialize in Coin Operated Arcade Games, Pinball Machines, Bulk Vending, Redemption and all other types of coin-op.

Below is our basic information for Captain’s Auction Warehouse.

a.Highest bidder purchase price= “High Purchase Bid + Sales Tax + 15% Buyers Premium”
b.We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Cash.
c.We allow following business day for item pickup as long as items are paid in full by conclusion of auction.
d.You do not have to wait until end of auction to take your item.Pay and remove directly is allowed.

Want to sell items on consignment? see below:

Not only do we accept consignments within the coin-op industry, we also accept the following:

art, collectibles, consoles(Xbox-Xbox 360, PS2-PS3, ect.,and related equipment), for more details please contact us.

a. We accept equipment no earlier than 3 days before the auction unless approved.
b. We will not be accepting equipment the morning of the auction.


Proxy Bids
a. Proxy Bids will be taken no later than 5:00pm (PST) the day before the auction.
B. A 50% (Refundable) deposit of total proxy bid amount is required upon bid placement.

Time and Location
Every 6 weeks on Saturday(check our current page for dates)
Preview starts at 9am and bidding begins at 11am
We are located at:
Captain’s Auction Warehouse
4421 East La Palma Ave. Anaheim Ca, 92807

End of Auction
The Captain prefers bidder/buyers to collect items won at auction immediately after payment, on the day of the event. Special arrangements can be made if pickup is not possible on auction day.


3 responses to “Buyers / Sellers Terms

  1. jason johnson

    my 3 year old is already asking me to go back to the auction lol thanks to Chris and all the crew .

    • captainsauction

      Your boy will like all the games that have just come in for the auction on July 21st. See you all here!

  2. Sage Baker

    I didn’t see any of that old classic driving game Turbo or Defender. Any? Thanks and all the best with the auction! – Sage

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